Dori Mondon Freeman | Driving a Van at Beloved Festival | Abundant Content
This is me, driving an artist transport van at the Beloved Festival in August 2018. I was on my way to pick up the legendary Angelique Kidjo from the airport. Wow!

Living the life I love: the Abundant Content story

Abundant Content, launched in 2017, came about because, quite simply, there were needs.

Living in a small and rural (and insanely beautiful) town full of dreamy idealists means, for many, coming up with creative ways of making an income. Hence, small businesses abound here, but eventually what I noticed in my business classes and gatherings was that people wound up wallowing in buzzwords, webinars, multiple social media accounts, and blogging (stuff nobody warned them about before they hit the ground running) instead of doing what they were actually good at doing – running non-profits, building cabinets, operating a small press, making the best sauerkraut in existence or hawking fancy worm composting systems (just a short list). 

The clients I choose to work with are select small businesses and non-profits and hail from all over the world: they are people doing interesting and ethical things hat want to stay focused on doing that, and people who want a helping hand and a guiding light through places like “dark social” (that’s totally a thing, yes, and no, it’s not actually scary).

I have years of technical, editorial and project management experience behind me and accomplish 99% of my work in-house (literally! I used to rent a great little office in town, but recently I moved into a larger house with incredible views and lots of space to garden – I decided to move my office back home because it’s paradise here and the coffee breaks are way more enjoyable).

I bet you’re here because…

Probably the thing you came here to find out is whether or not I can actually write. Well, I can, and I do. I’m also a full-time student again these days (English & Communications) so basically, this is all I do. 

A few little fun facts about me:

Since the early nineties, I’ve worked in advertising, technology, jewelry design, writing and agriculture. In 2004 at age 33, I gave up my “career” life in New York City for writing and exploration, working on organic farms, renovating a backpacker hostel in Guatemala, opening a children’s consignment shop and other daring pursuits. In 2005, I became an ordained minister – an eco-feminist ceremonialist and wedding facilitator with a focus on non-appropriative goddess and earth spirituality. In 2011, I had a baby, perhaps my most daring pursuit thus far. She’s a pretty rad little human, gotta say. 

Here’s a secret:

Originally I wrote the copy for this website using the “royal we” (otherwise known as the “majestic plural”). Thing is, as I’ve said, I’m an honest person with transparent business practices, and I know that much of my business comes from who I am, personally, and what I produce. Thus, I scrapped all that “majestic plural” business – I’m confident in my capabilities, so why the heck shouldn’t I just shout it from the proverbial rooftop? I’m a one-woman show with great reviews.

This is not to say there aren’t other people involved. I’ve got a nice network of other independent contractors I call in when necessary.

I keep things very simple at Abundant Content – it’s easier to manage, affords me more time to spend with my family/outside/making music, and I’m provided with a steady stream of enjoyable work from interesting people who do great things and are excited to work with me. Because of this, I’m fortunate to do what I love and earn a living producing an abundance of quality content and helping others bring abundance more fully into their lives.

It should all make sense now. 

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Since you made it this far…

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About my logo

My logo was designed by Charlotte Rohner of The Good Scheme. We met on, which is, among other things, a place to exchange goods and services with other goods and services – an alternative currency system, if you will. Charlotte was easy to work with and saw and executed my vision quickly and with an extremely professional process. She’s amazing!