ethical and informed | Abundant ContentI’m honest, and I work with honest people. I’m working with you to make all this as easy and efficient as possible. I use “white hat” SEO techniques, clean and truthful copy, and I research and fact-check (no fake news or “alternative facts” here, thank you very much). I stay informed on ethical practices, social and environmental causes, and technology.

I choose the clients I want to work with carefully, making sure I’m as passionate about your topic as you are and that your ethics align with mine. Some writers like to say they can write anything for anyone, but that’s not what I pride myself on at all. 

I’m an idealistic person, and I believe another world is possible – and it takes all of us, doing everything we can, to make that happen. Abundant Content was created with that aim in mind; doing what I love to create abundance for all of us.

<—– I’m friendly and responsible  ♥   I’m transparent —–>