friendly and responsible | Abundant ContentTime spent in personal and professional development means better business relationships; that’s important! A part of each day (you know, “coffee time”) is dedicated not only to catching up with my favorite industry professionals, but also those folks who remind us to breathe a little (yep, yoga mat in the office, as well as weekly neurofeedback sessions). I’m pretty sure most of us grammar freaks are also a bit “Type A” – self-care is important or people like us can forget to breathe in our excitement over properly-placed apostrophes and amazing new clients.

When it comes to keeping track of myself, I use sophisticated time tracking and billing software, and every project begins with an outline of the work and time frame involved. Once we’re all in agreement, we get started.

Every project is a learning experience; whether it’s learning interesting facts about earthworms (did you know Darwin wrote an entire book about them in the 1800s?) or taking a crash course in CSS particulars, the clients I work with are always sending me behind the scenes for more research and education. Learning is fun! I consider it just one more bit of abundance generated by what I do, and I spend a lot of time doing it (by the way, I’m also in school full time, studying social sciences with a focus on communication studies and sociology. I have a 4.0 because when I love something, I give it my all).

I’m ethical and informed —–>