new paradigm business | Abundant ContentAbundant Content is a new paradigm business (no, not the kind everyone talked about in the nineties but one that, in its own very small way, seeks to be the business change I wish to see in the world). I’m here to help and I am transparent in my practices; my fees are reasonable and industry-standard, and I’m happy to explain them to you. I know small businesses and non-profits can’t always afford to hire additional full-time contractors or employees, so in addition to doing things for you (per project or on retainer), I offer consultation and evaluation, training and coaching services: I’ll teach you what I know and learn and provide you with ample sources of reference, so you can manage at least some of it on your own.

No lie – transparency isn’t just an ethic; I am in the service industry. Think this is crazy? Here are some articles that talk about business transparency and why it’s a good thing for all involved:

Business Dictionary’s definition of “transparency”

Transparency in Business: Why It Matters

Let’s Be Real: Why Transparency in Business Should Be the Norm

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