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Finally found a reason to go to Los Angeles. This magickal place is called The Last Bookstore and better believe it’s on my bucketlist now. Awesome photo by Jaredd Craig via Unsplash.

So… what do you think of WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor?

Drastic change always stinks at first – I can think back to countless times over the years that I yelled about OS upgrades, too (I think I might still be complaining about Windows 10). 

Gutenberg, however, is apparently here to stay, offering me something new to complain about, and mostly because I’m ignoring it. I keep this website simple and basic on purpose, so before the task of coaching clients through a major WordPress overhaul, I installed it here first.

No, nope, and nope some more. I have a list of complaints that could go on for days but I’ll take it up with WordPress. All you need to know is this word: clunky.  

For those of you who feel the same way, the Classic Editor is still here to save our sanity until at least 2022. So, go ahead and upgrade WordPress, and then install this Classic Editor plugin until Gutenberg is truly ready for us (in my case, when it wants to work better with Yoast, we can maybe start talking again).

Three more years? I’m cool with that. By 2022, I should be wrapping up my Master’s degree.

On that note, yes, school. It’s going great, thanks for asking. I mean, really, really great. 4.0-and-just-applied-for-two-big-scholarships great. Yeah. I changed my major in the middle of the year as well, because as much as I love the English language and I love writing, studying the social sciences felt more meaningful and productive for me (for me, I said – ain’t knocking my million and one literary friends for dedicating themselves in earnest to imaginary worlds, because the world needs people like Alexander CheeThe Queen of the Night, by the way, is the fiction that I hold all other fiction up against anymore. Deepest apologies to almost everyone else whose fiction I review on Goodreads).

That being said: sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology and communication studies all have my heart and I’m assuming they’ll sort themselves out in the proper order when the time comes. In the meantime, I get to study all of them, and that’s about the only benefit to undergrad work I can think of.

Finally, try as I might I am not very good at keeping up my own blog here at Abundant Content, and that is, gratefully, because my clients are keeping me busy. Thanks to their need for copy, editing, and fact-checking (my favorite aspects of what I do), I’ve also been compelled to write a bunch of poetry in an effort to break through the confines of academic papers and content creation for other people. 

Despite my move to the non-fiction side, I’ve gotten myself a Duotrope account (an absolutely INCREDIBLE service for finding and keeping track of litmag submissions) and have begun putting my poetic expressions out for review. I’ve also notified my therapist because, even though I’m a big girl, rejections are more common than acceptances. 

Stay tuned…

The Latest from Abundant Content: Gutenberg, School and Poetry

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