My Two Favorite Spots for Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle Books | Photo via Pixabay | Abundant Content

Sure, there are a lot of well-known resources out there for getting free books to read, but mostly I found a lot of poorly-edited, self-published books that just didn’t make the cut when it came to enjoyable reading – I felt like I was reading the equivalent of a soap opera and I ain’t got time for that, (yet as terrible as it is, I don’t always want to read the classics anymore, either). Editors, they’re a thing for a reason, and they still have massive purpose in this world. I read not only because I enjoy the escape of it, but also because I learn from a finely-written and finely-edited work. Because the quality was often lacking, my interest in things like Smashwords and Kindle Buffet came to a close fairly quickly and now, here’s how I get what I need: