The Latest from Abundant Content: Gutenberg, School and Poetry

Abundant Content Updates | The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles | Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash | Abundant Content

Drastic change always stinks at first – I can think back to countless times over the years that I yelled about OS upgrades, too (I think I might still be complaining about Windows 10). Gutenberg, however, is apparently here to stay, offering me something new to complain about, and mostly because I’m ignoring it. I keep this website simple and basic on purpose, so before the task of coaching clients through a major Wordpress overhaul, I installed it here first.

Going Back to School: I’m Returning to College!

Going Back to School, Returning to College | Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash | Abundant Content

Honestly, it started as a whim during a long, quiet evening at work. I filled out an application to the local community college, then filled out a FAFSA application, and within about a week, had pointed myself to an English degree. Between previous college credits and life experience, I’ve managed to cut the time I’ll need to complete the first two years of this degree in half, which is exciting.