My Two Favorite Spots for Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle Books | Photo via Pixabay | Abundant Content

Sure, there are a lot of well-known resources out there for getting free books to read, but mostly I found a lot of poorly-edited, self-published books that just didn’t make the cut when it came to enjoyable reading – I felt like I was reading the equivalent of a soap opera and I ain’t got time for that, (yet as terrible as it is, I don’t always want to read the classics anymore, either). Editors, they’re a thing for a reason, and they still have massive purpose in this world. I read not only because I enjoy the escape of it, but also because I learn from a finely-written and finely-edited work. Because the quality was often lacking, my interest in things like Smashwords and Kindle Buffet came to a close fairly quickly and now, here’s how I get what I need:

On Not Comparing Yourself to Others…

On Not Comparing Yourself to Others | Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash | Dori Mondon | Abundant Content

Abundant Content is a heart-based business – brains and technical savvy are kind of par for the course, but I’ve found so much here that speaks to who we are as people in this world, too. It’s important to me that my business is run ethically and transparently in all ways, which is why I choose my clients carefully. Articles such as this one can be big bridges for me, especially since I’m fond of reinventing myself whenever life calls for it – it’s a courageous way to live, sure, but it can also bring about deep periods of inertia.  Julia Cousens offers some incredibly valuable advice for surviving these periods of feeling like you’re waiting for life to begin. This author’s story is so similar to ours!

The Fine Line Between Frugal and Just Plain Lazy

The Fine Line Between Frugal and Lazy | Photo by Kristina Wagner on Unsplash | Backpacking, Busking, and Begpacking | Abundant Content

Earlier today, I nearly wasted a really long breath on Facebook responding to this article on OZY. Something I’m focusing on this new year, for sure, especially since social media comprises a hefty amount of the client work I do, is learning how to breathe more deeply.  And guess what? Deeper breathing is a great source for content (there’s your content-related tip of the day, and now on to the topic at hand):