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Managing your ideas

A few weeks ago I posted a set of free resources for your blog, and this week I’ve compiled a few more.

Most of today’s free resources have to do with generating ideas, because (yep), I was having a really hard time coming up with some new ones. And as I mentioned in my last post, one of the biggest reasons I seem to have a difficult time drumming up ideas is because I’m terrified of just repeating what’s already been said three thousand times. Some folks keep a schedule and a structure, too, posting a certain type of thing one week, and another the following. I like that tactic, though I haven’t yet implemented it myself. It’s something to think about.

idea: keep a running list of blog topics – dunno about you but these often come for me when I’m in the car or other inopportune places for drafting a post, so if I’m driving I voice record, and I keep a google doc I can access via any number of gadgets (I went Android, too, making that even more awesome) with a running list of topics and thoughts I can perhaps flesh out later.  

Sure, I stress about not rehashing the same old ideas, but this is the thing though – even that’s okay. For SEO purposes, yeah, it’s important, and also… it really doesn’t matter if it’s been said before.

You are a unique individual, too. You have your own unique way of saying things, and you have your own unique audience – one that is developing, or has firmly in place, a trust in you to guide them along a process. They look to you as an expert in things, and also a hand to hold because good god, Google search results can really be overwhelming sometimes.

(Can you hear me talking to myself there?)

That being said, I still have those days where I’m like “Geez, I should actually write something, and I don’t have the slightest clue what…” When I hit those spots, here are some places I go (if I don’t just walk away from my desk entirely and go sit outside for a while instead):

Where I go to find blog ideas

150+ Blog Ideas That Will Absolutely Kill  Writer’s Block – not gonna lie, I peeped this one right before I wrote this blog post. Also of note, you’ll have to give Coschedule your email address, but they seem like nice people. I’m fairly entrenched in the tools I already use but if you’re still looking for a tool to manage your content marketing endeavors, Coschedule might be of interest to you. 

Search Pinterest for blog topics. If you  need to dig deeper, add your niche to the search bar up top after “blog” and “topics” (so “blog topics fashion” for example).

101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas: Molly Greene’s big ole blog post of blog ideas was written in 2013, but it’s timeless. I know I haven’t yet done it on this brand new blog, but I think it’s super important, as a “solopreneur” especially, to keep the human aspect in your online content endeavors. The most unique thing about what you do is you, right? Let your readers know why by showing them through your personal musings what makes you stand out from the increasingly larger crowd.

29 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofit Content Marketers: since this is an area of focus for me, this article from Classy.org comes in handy every single time when I’m working with nonprofits and social change agencies, especially (though a lot of it is totally appropriate for other small businesses too).

31 Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business Blog: this one leaves out any personal suggestions and is solely focused on small business. I mention this only because you might be specifically looking for blog post ideas about small business.

See how everyone’s really kind of saying the same thing? Yep. If any of these lists don’t float your boat or aren’t specific enough to your niche, just do a search on Google for “blog topics for [fill in your niche]” and you’ll find something out there to spark your inspiration (no seriously, wedding planners, just give it a shot – this is so meta at this point). And if your mental/creative process is anything like mine, just keep reminding yourself that what’s really most important is that, even if it’s a topic that’s been talked about before, you have your own unique way of seeing the world and the topics you write about, and that, alongside your expertise, is what’s going to make you some friends and regular readers. 


More free resources: Where to get ideas for your blog

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