I’m really (like, really) enjoying the Medium platform and community.

Spring is here, so I’ve been gardening a lot, and it’s also vending season, which means my jewelry business picks up, too, so although I’m not as prolific as I’d love to be over there, I’m still writing at least once a week.

Since I last blogged here about my Medium efforts, my monthly payments have definitely increased (probably no small part in why I love the platform, lol). I was rewarded a sizeable bonus payment for writing an alternative viewpoint on a very sensitive topic, continued garnering attention for that little love letter to my Subaru (it was even tweeted by Medium at one point), discussed why tiny houses really aren’t for everyone and got gritty about Juno Díaz’ latest #metoo New Yorker piece and how much it blew my absolute mind and inspired me. I’m still learning a bit about Medium publications, but I believe that one is now published on The Ascent.



Where I Be – Still Writing On Medium!

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