| Writing by Dori Mondon-Freeman, Articles by Dori Mondon-Freeman, Blogs by Dori Mondon-Freeman | Abundant ContentIn one of the writer support groups I’m in online, one of the members talked about how they’ve been using as a way to encourage themselves to write more. When your blog is new, or quiet, or attached to your overall business places like can offer up the sort of interaction required to help writers stay motivated. To be sure, there’s a lot of fluff to sift through there, as well, but I’ve also found a ton of little gems buried inside, along with some more mainstream, but quality, news outlets that have also begun filtering some of their content through the platform. 

That being said, I’ve also begun writing there. You can find my articles here. I’m allowing the more radical side of myself to come out there, so be forewarned.

Radical Writing
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