More free resources: Where to get ideas for your blog

Where to get ideas for your blog | Abundant Content

A few weeks ago I posted a set of free resources for your blog, and this week I’ve compiled a few more.

Most of today’s free resources have to do with generating ideas, because (yep), I was having a really hard time coming up with some new ones. And as I mentioned in my last post, one of the biggest reasons I seem to have a difficult time drumming up ideas is because I’m terrified of just repeating what’s already been said three thousand times.

Launch time!

launching a website | Dori Mondon, writer | Abundant Content

In examining my skills over the course of the past 20+ years of being a working adult, it’s apparent that the only thing I’ve ever done consistently involves working with words. I write. I have written. I will have written. I will write. Always. Technology and I have been friends since its popular beginnings; it comes easily to me, just like words do. Here’s where I can be of service. Abundant Content is born.