Freelancing as a Mom

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For a moment I got swept up in the fervor. I probably opted-in to someone’s mailing list for a second, and I did run out and get myself a Chromebook (because honestly – the places I like to travel, I’d rather someone stole my Chromebook), envisioning that eventually I, too, would be traveling with my wife somewhere even more awesome than where we already live, and in the mornings my wife would go for a run and grab something fun for breakfast and my daughter would have some super cool local nanny person a few hours every day so I could work my entrepreneurial magic via Chromebook and she could learn Spanish (or Portuguese or French or Croatian or Samoan or…) by immersion.

How to Spot A Player: Avoiding the Follow/Unfollow Folks

How to spot a player - Avoiding the Follow Unfollow Folks | Social Media tips | Abundant Content

Have you encountered this one yet? You look at your Twitter or Instagram and ZOMG LOOK WHO FOLLOWED ME! You get all excited because Miss Influencer with 100k followers, and who only follows 310 people, has followed YOU. Two days later, you notice you’ve lost a “follower”. If you’ve got a small chunk of followers, you might be able to determine exactly who left your little world, and maybe you suffer a little letdown because yeah… Miss Influencer has flown your coop.

Free Resources to Help You Beef Up Your Blog

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If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the position of feeling like you can create your own reality and that the world is pretty much parting its waters for you to do so, well then, carry on reading this. Go ahead and bookmark it, too, because I’ll be adding to it regularly. The internet is conspiring to shower you with blessings, as well as a ton of free tools to fatten up your blog in all the right ways.