How to Spot A Player: Avoiding the Follow/Unfollow Folks

How to spot a player - Avoiding the Follow Unfollow Folks | Social Media tips | Abundant Content

Have you encountered this one yet? You look at your Twitter or Instagram and ZOMG LOOK WHO FOLLOWED ME! You get all excited because Miss Influencer with 100k followers, and who only follows 310 people, has followed YOU. Two days later, you notice you’ve lost a “follower”. If you’ve got a small chunk of followers, you might be able to determine exactly who left your little world, and maybe you suffer a little letdown because yeah… Miss Influencer has flown your coop.

10 Words Online Entrepreneurs and Bloggers Should Stop Using Immediately

10 Words and Phrases Online Entrepreneurs and Bloggers Should Stop Using Right Now

As you may know from my Facebook page or previous blog posts, I’ve been navigating the world of blogging, sales funnels, creating online courses, landing pages, and all that jazz pretty intently. It’s a perfectly valid career path, but because there’s a fairly generic template that underlies it all, there are some common themes and phrases that have popped up. Since the pool is now getting fairly crowded, I think it’s time we step back for a moment and re-evaluate what makes us all unique. We can start by eliminating the following currently-thematic words and phrases from our own “here’s my smiling face and call to action!” websites:

Launch time!

launching a website | Dori Mondon, writer | Abundant Content

In examining my skills over the course of the past 20+ years of being a working adult, it’s apparent that the only thing I’ve ever done consistently involves working with words. I write. I have written. I will have written. I will write. Always. Technology and I have been friends since its popular beginnings; it comes easily to me, just like words do. Here’s where I can be of service. Abundant Content is born.