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HOLD UP, yo. Awesome photo by Isiah Rustad via Unsplash.

Wanna know what’s been happening at Abundant Content? 

Well, there’s this!

One of my clients informed me last month that someone out there has decided to start calling themselves “Abundant Content” – despite being contacted about this, they’ve put up a website, have decided to call themselves a “founder of Abundant Content”, and to offer their writing services.


This person was contacted (twice now).

Abundant Content was named in 2016 and officially marketed as such beginning January 1, 2017.

If you’ve arrived here looking for writing services from Abundant Content, you’ve found them. Any communication with Abundant Content should come via the domain or you are not communicating with Abundant Content. 

You can also find Abundant Content on the following social channels:

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I also publish on Medium, and you can look at the right sidebar to find my writer profiles elsewhere. 

Lawda mercy, kind of unreal in this day and age that someone didn’t bother to do a simple google search first (like I did, after I did, ya know, some SEO for myself – my fault, I guess, for not buying up all the other dot-somethings for Abundant Content).


This is Abundant Content.
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