Last March, I became a semi-finalist for a massive scholarship. When that happened, I started getting emails from schools like Harvard and Yale, encouraging me to apply.

There had been some moments after I went back to school when I felt a bit sad, because I thought that small, extraordinarily expensive liberal arts schools were out of my reach, even with a scholarship. I had an established life: a daughter, pets, a home, a community and besides, Ivys like Yale & Harvard really held no interest for me.

But then Smith College came calling, and I could no longer say that I wasn’t interested. Smith was one of those extraordinarily expensive, small liberal arts schools – in fact it was THE extraordinarily expensive, small liberal arts school, of my dreams. And so, heck with it, I decided to fill out the application. Admittedly, I originally applied just to see if I could get in, because moving my child and I out of our home, finding family to take on our furry friends, and hauling us both across the country really just seemed out of the question,  but when the acceptance letter came back, along with a financial aid package that basically covered everything except my move across the country, there was no way I could turn that down. I decided to accept the invitation to become an Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

Thus, here we are in campus family housing here in Northampton, Massachusetts – a LOOOOOOOONG way from our mountain home in Mt. Shasta, California. While everything is, thanks to Covid-19, remote at this point, I’m chatting on Zoom with professors, writers, and others that I simply can’t believe I have access to. They are responding to my emails. 

I don’t know, yet, what I’ll be majoring in. What I do know is that the school itself is academically rigorous. Abundant Content is on hiatus for the moment while I get my bearings in this environment, and when I decide to press the play button again, it is going to be different. What that “different” will be will continue to include writing and editing, but in what fashion, I’m not entirely sure for now. 

So, that’s the news.

Twists and Turns – Abundant Content moved east!

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