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Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

You’re setting the trajectory of your path for the next 30 years – take it seriously.

I admit it, there’s only a certain type of astrologist I resonate with – Rob Brezny is one of them, and a local guy here in Mt. Shasta, Eric Starwalker, is another. But mostly, once people start talking about this and that thing trined and crossing this area in the sky next to Jupiter in the sixth house and that’s the whole reason blah blah etc., I start zoning out quickly. It’s not my science. You’ve lost me. I get it, it’s all mathematics and the push-pull of forces that make me who I am, though I don’t want to use my scorpio-rising as the excuse as to why I am being an asshole, and neither should you. We humans spend desperate amounts of time trying to find identities to place on ourselves and looking for meaning.

Regardless, I was touched, recently, by a Facebook post from Lorna Bevan, a popular astrologer. These particular comments hit home for me, especially since lately, my client work has been heavily focused on social media. I’m deeply enjoying where my work with Abundant Content is taking me at this time. I’m learning a ton, I’m applying a lot of who I am and what I know to it all, and I deal with some lovely topics – relationships, sex, spirituality and cannabis – and they are filling my plate in more ways than one. That being said, even the most highest of callings (see what I did there?) requires monitoring on social media these days, and my phone is always connected to these accounts.

Here is the next step in the evolution of my business:  I need to learn how to manage the “monitoring” as much as I need to manage the rest of the work involved.

WordPress tweaks? Phone calls? Email replies? Creating and scheduling content? All done during work hours. Watching the engagement roll in? Oh god, obsession. 

I don’t do the “new year resolutions” business, but I DO do the “starting right now, because I’m inspired by this” thing – and this quote really tells all. Lorna talks about the “radical astrology” of the upcoming year and how it is going to bring us “continuous reality checks”. 

“No more feeding the devouring Facebook machine, no more 24/7 availability, no more underselling yourself. Close down, let your energy leaks repair themselves. You’re setting the trajectory of your path for the next 30 years – take it seriously. Remember, who you are is irreplaceable and not to be given away free…”

So, this is how it works now: scheduling software is my, and your, best friend, on vacations, weekends and evenings when I am not available. I’ll spend part of my working hours getting your stuff created, scheduled, posted and/or WordPress-tweaked. I totally get late night inspiration, too, or the fact that one of my clients eats dinner on the other side of the planet while I’m getting around to breakfast, so feel free to email away. Just know this, I won’t see anything, or respond,  until I get back to my office. 

From now on, and in 2018 and beyond, I need home to be home: I need home to be where I do yoga, read stories and do homework with my kid. I need home to be where I make earrings and knit and watch movies and learn new things, and where perhaps I do a little “market research” (see ‘sex’, and ‘cannabis’).

Are you in the content industry? If you are, and you understand the particular predicament of needing to monitor social engagement AND manage the obsessive time you can put into it, I’m compiling a list of tips, techniques, and information sources, courses, etc. – I’d love if if you’d share your resources with me!


Who you are is irreplaceable.
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