Writing on Medium | Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash | Abundant ContentI’ve been writing on Medium and it’s fun.

Why did I stop blogging here to go write on Medium? At the moment, I can’t exactly say it’s for monetary compensation – in a month and a half of writing there I’ve made approximately $15, which is less than half of what I make an hour writing for other people – so at this point, it’s definitely not that. 

What I *have* found there that I haven’t yet drummed up on my own blog is camaraderie, other interesting people to read, and especially through The Writing Cooperative (a Magazine that resides on the Medium platform), inspiration and encouragement.

There are some oddities, for sure, such as the fact that a love letter to my Subaru, which I penned in a fast, last-minute spurt in order to participate in a writing challenge, drummed up some of the most fans and responses I’ve gotten so far. It was probably the shortest, fastest, and most uninformative thing I’ve written there so far, and I’m not sure what to glean from that just yet – I’m hoping it’s just the brevity of the piece that encouraged people to see it through and comment and not a statement on culture. God, please, don’t let it be that.

I’ve also wrote another story about plumbing (the saga in our cabin continued, and now we’re moving, which, as we looked for a new rental, also encouraged a piece about why animal shelters are so full), and a piece about why artists shouldn’t be afraid to get paid

I encourage you to take a look at my latest over there. If you like what you read, consider some applause, as it might actually mean I make a whole twenty dollars next month!

Writing about teeth, artists, homophobic plumbers and more…
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