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Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

I Know You Got Soul.

When I saw this writing prompt, the first thing that came to mind was Erik B & Rakim’s famous hit, “I Know You Got Soul.”

So I sat with that track a bit and let soul take me where it wanted to go.

As a young kid I lived in a little town south of Detroit: I was raised on soul, Motown, funk, disco, and basically whatever other “black music” my mom could shake her moneymaker to during the 60s and 70s. I inherited that gene, thankfully. My personal search for soul happened on a dance floor, too.

Erik B & Rakim dropped this classic in 1987  when I was moving toward high school (so basically the most hellish time in a kid’s life, really). At the time, it wasn’t exactly where my musical tastes were focused. I was busy becoming New Wave at that point, and if Robert Smith had any soul in that crazy hair of his, well then, so did I, because I had the same hair.

House music arrived on the scene while I was in high school though, and I never looked back. Elements of soul, funk, R&B wound up in it; divas hollered, drag queens vogued, street kids developed a whole new dance style for it, rich kids held cocktails and swayed… Erik B & Rakim came back around, mixed into other songs, sampled into many more (over 300 more, at the time of this writing). Soul eventually weaved its way through every dancer on the floor, making sure we’d never forget what it was that brought us all there together.

Don’t talk to me about soul; sing to me, show me what really moves you. What happens when you cut loose?


Writing Wild, Day 4: Soul.
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